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From building wealth to protecting your assets, Tailored Wealth helps you plan for your future by organising your finances and growing your wealth.

Why Choose Us

We take away all the hassle and guesswork about your financial future by helping you to make SMART decisions about YOUR money while freeing up your most valuable asset - YOUR TIME.
  • We understand

    that everyone is different, with different goals and aspirations. We will work with you to tailor a strategy that is matched to your lifestyle today and goals for tomorrow – there is a balance to be found between living for today and securing your future.
  • We’ll simplify the whole process for you

    We won’t baffle you with jargon, but ensure your options and concepts are easy to understand. Our strategies are not idealistic but practical and will make a huge different to your long term wealth.
  • Privately Owned

    We are privately owned, as is our licensee. This means no financial institution has any influence as to how we run our business or the products we ultimately recommend to our clients. This sets us apart than the majority of firms in the market today. It allows us to take a best of breed approach when choosing companies our clients partner with.
  • We’ve got your best interests at heart

    We love to play Devil’s advocate and act as a sounding board for your financial ideas. You’ll not only get guidance and support, but we will also hold you accountable to your own aspirations.
  • Our active investment

    Via our preferred investment model your investments are constantly monitored through a powerful Dynamic Asset Allocation process - the most effective way to make your money work for you. Your portfolio has the flexibility to make tactical decisions on a daily basis without the red tape. No longer will ‘time’ be the only means of managing investment risk.
  • Our expertise and commitment to you

    You could try managing your finances yourself but results will vary via trial & error. This exhausts your most valuable assets – your time! We already have the knowledge & experience, which allows you to short cut the learning phase and get straight to the results! We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your money works hard for you.

Some clients and companies we partner with

Look Who Loves Us

I always felt that Dan had
my best interest at heart
and felt that I could trust
him to offer me the best
advice possible for my own

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Rachael Brecht

I was interested in getting
expert advice on what we
should do with our finances.
I felt that we connected
personally with Dan and
being of a similar age...

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Steve & Cassie Lawler

The Financial Planning
industry is infinitely better
than it was even during
1990s, as a young bloke I
was sold by over promising
sales people, so we...

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Pat & Janine Farrell

We were unsure of seeking
financial advice initially as
it’s hard to trust a stranger
with your finances and you
often hear of how it goes
bad for people....

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Scott & Trish Nightingale

BOOK NOW - Free 15 Minute Strategy Call

Discover how you can achieve financial security faster